Your IT architecture


We study and define the needs of your business and identify the area to be optimized.


We provide our expertise and advise in the optimization of your structure.


We plan a strategy that delivers with key milestones defined.


We implement your needs without disturbing your operation.


We support the growth of your company.


Thanks to its expertise, Beartson Technology becomes a partner with your organization and help it prosper.

Virtual Open Space solutions

Tailor-made solution for those willing to embark in the digital revolution. Systems, services and tools specifically developed by Beartson Technology to answer any requirements.

Data Center

For companies that have in-house IT infrastructure and wishing to decentralize / replicate a part of their environment in a Data Center. A strategy praised by SMEs to increase performance, reliability, reduce risk and outsource its management to experts in these fields. This solution is often used for the full decentralization / replication of their infrastructure.

Dedicatd Solutions

The dedicated system, for companies looking for a tailored infrastructure as well as having the advantage of a Data Center. A network with powerful devices and servers, evolutive and maintained by Beartson Technology expertise.

Virtual solutions

For dynamic structures looking for virtual and mutualized services without physical value that enjoy the incredible advantage of dedicated systems. As an example, this solution is often used for SMEs doing external backups of their data.

Email and webhosting

Along web and email hosting, Beartson Technology can meet any specific demands in order to have ready to use solutions.

Cloud space

Have access everywhere any time on any device to your company files. Stock, work and manage your employees with tools ranging from calendars, group chats and file sharing. in order to quickly work with calendars. Tools provided by Beartson Technology that are hosted solely in Switzerland in accordance with the data protection laws.

Video monitoring

Protect your company and its access with video monitoring systems, access card, finger print readers. Beartson Technology implement the system and ensure it is kept operational constantly.

Virtual office

Offer a way for employees to access their work computer wherever they are, at the office, at a customer or at home, with access points that don’t impact your operations

Just communicate

Stay connected !

Our know-how enables us to create a simple ecosystem between fixed and mobile connections.


The best switchboard… made-to-measure ! We have created dedicated system in order to fully answer your needs.


There are no digital borders ! We connect your different locations to have a local network.


We have regular training to the latest technologies of our suppliers and are fully certified. Thus, we are able to simply your process by having direct access to your contracts and informations.

Fully evolutive

Copper, fiber, ALL IP, GSM, conference call… we are using the latest technologies for your needs.

Migration… or adaptation !

Your current switchboard is satisfying but isn’t IP compatible ? We help you benefit of the new technologies by adapting your current devices.

Live localization

Instant knowledge of your vehicle fleet

Improve and ease the organization of your planning by getting a live overview of the location of your vehicles. Our solution enables a 24/7 access.

Personalized notifications

Define areas, schedules and speed limits and receive an instant notification in case of unusual behavior.

Geotracking across platform

You access our geotracking solution from any system ; computer, tablet or smartphone.

A professional set-up

Tracking devices are setup and put in place by our experts, depending on your availabilities.

Your mobile subscription

Our solution is adapted to your network provider. However, we would gladly help find the best data subscription according to your need.

Your data are kept safe

Our infrastructure is entirely in Switzerland. We take the safety of our customers to the upmost importance.


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